Bay of Billionaires


Documentary film, 45 min. (ZDF) / 80 min. (ARTE)

Production: HMR Produktion for ZDF, in cooperation with Arte


Lutz Hachmeister

Assistant Director:

Christian Wagener

Directors of Photography:

Dirk Wojcik, Karsten Sondergaard, Wolfgang Lindig


Hans Robert Eisenhauer (ZDF)


Thomas Wellmann


Stavros Charitidis, Grant Lawson, Christoph Waury

Sound Mix:

Clemens Grulich (CineImpuls)


First Broadcast: June 20, 2006, ZDF

Rerun: May 06, 2007, Arte







At Cap d'Antibes in the south of France the "Bay of Billionaires" is an official name on the map. In the mid 19th century, when the land was still untouched by civilization, British and Russian aristocrats had purchased great parts of the territory and erected their mansions. For the first time, Lutz Hachmeister tells the story of the Cap d'Antibes as well as its transformation into a hideaway for artists and business tycoons.