Hôtel Provençal. Rise and Fall of the Riviera


Documentary film, 52 min.

Production: Colonia Media in cooperation with ARTE for ZDF



Lutz Hachmeister

Assistant Directors:

Malika Rabahallah, Christian Wagener

Director of Photography:

Hans Fromm


Stefan Wieduwilt (ZDF), Olaf Grunert (Arte)


Guido Krajewski


Peter Carstens

Sound mix:

Tilo Busch (Soundvision)


First broadcast: May 17, 2000, ARTE

Rerun: April 22, 2001, ZDF

Nominated for the Grimme Award 2001







The Hotel Provençal in Juan-les-Pins was once considered a place of wealth and elegance. However, for the past 20 years the former palace has been abandoned. The film "Hotel Provençal" explores the lost world of the glamorous hotel and tells the story of its symbiotic connection to the history of the Côte d'Azur.





Press responses


The big bugs, the short luck and the unfortunate habit of over-sized luxury buildings to choke on their own glamour and arrogance – all this is told with elegance and opulence.
(Die Zeit, May 5, 2000)