Marcel Reich-Ranicki


TV-Documentary, 105 Min.

Production: HMR Produktion for ZDF



Lutz Hachmeister


Lutz Hachmeister, Gert Scobel

Assistant director:

Mathias von der Heide

Director of Photography:

Hajo Schomerus, Dirk Wojcik


Werner von Bergen


Thomas Wellmann

Sound Mix:

Clemens Grulich (CineImpuls)


Alastair Owen (CineImpuls)


First Broadcast: October 13, 2006 (ZDF)

Rerun: September 20, 2013 (ZDF), September 21 (3sat)








Marcel Reich-Ranicki ranks among the most popular intellectuals of Germany – admired as an entertainer, feared in his role as literary critic. The film looks into his fascinating past, especially his time in the Warsaw Ghetto and his early career in the young Federal Republic of Germany.





 Press responses


To date no other film has portrayed the highs and lows of Reich-Ranicki or the many facets of his complex character so graphically.

(Die Welt, Oct 12, 2006)


 (...) A gentle, thoughtful and very intense portrait, that traces the numerous stations of this life, well-informed and faithful, brilliantly edited and assembled.

(Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Oct 12, 2006)