Revolution! The Year 1968


Documentary film, 90 min.

Production: HMR Produktion for ZDF



Lutz Hachmeister, Stefan Aust


Mathias von der Heide, Christian Wagener

Directors of Photography:

Wolfgang Lindig, Dirk Wojcik


Werner von Bergen


Christian Wagener


Vincent Muhsik, Axel Jäger

Sound Mix:

Christian Wilmes


Janosch Benz, Ufuk Genc


First Broadcast: December 12, 2008, ZDF







In their Film Revolution! The Year 1968, former Head of SPIEGEL Magazine Stefan Aust and Lutz Hachmeister explore the unknown parts of the international 1968 phenomenon. Amidst pictures of rioting students worldwide, US-Troops during Tet-Offensive and Black Panther Athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos, they focus on incidents, which due to the sheer mass of events have almost fallen to oblivion.

Mixing rare footage, TV-Shows and movies with interviews of internationally well known contemporary witnesses, the film depicts the global impetus of the 1968 student revolt. The different stories of the film’s protagonists add up to a surprising overall picture of this unprecedented year.