Documentary film series, 4x45 min.

Production: HMR Produktion for ZDF



Lutz Hachmeister in co-operation
with Malika Rabahallah and
Christian Wagener

Directors of Photography:

Thomas Schäfer, Hans Fromm


Wolfgang Homering


Martin Szafranski


Jörg Zirnbauer, Gregor Kuschel

Sound mix:

Alexander Weuffen



Monaco – Grimaldi Inc.

San Remo – An Italian Myth
Porquerolles – The Golden Island
Marseille – Comes Into Vogue

First broadcasts: January 4th, 5th, 12th and 19th, 2003, ZDF







Beauty and wealth – these two words immediately come to mind when thinking of the Riviera's turquoise coastline. But do these features adequately describe the appeal of the scenery? What makes the Riviera so exceptional and unique?





Press responses


The title of the subject is short: "Riviera". The outcome of the cinematic four part documentary is highly complex. And if nothing else: supremely elegant.

(epd medien, Feb 15, 2003)


With his Riviera-tetralogy, Lutz Hachmeister creates entertaining and intelligent television (…) Besides its lively variety of topics, the film further convinces due to its broad range of visual styles.

(Funkkorrespondenz, Jan 10, 2003)