Schleyer. The Business of Terror


Documentary film, 90 min.

Production: HMR Produktion in cooperation with doc.station/Hamburg for NDR/WDR, supported by Filmstiftung NRW



Lutz Hachmeister

Assistant Directors:

Mathias von der Heide, Christian Wagener

Directors of Photography:

Thomas Schäfer, Hajo Schomerus


Silvia Gutmann (NDR), Enno Hungerland (WDR)


Guido Krajewski


Stavros Charitidis

Sound Mix:

Hilmar Kerp (Soundhouse)


World premiere: July 7, 2003, Abaton (Hamburg)
First broadcast: August 20, 2003, ARD

Reruns: October 18, 2003 (Phoenix), October 21, 2003 (NDR), September 3, 2004 (WDR)

Winner of the Grimme Award (Gold) 2004
Winner of the Grimme Audience Award 2004
Nomination for the German Camera Award (for editor Guido Krajewski)  







The kidnapping and murder of Hanns Martin Schleyer, president of the Confederation of German Employer's Associations, by the Red Army Faction in 1977 marked the most spectacular political crime in the history of post-war Germany. This cinematic portrait of the man who used to be referred to as "boss of the bosses" follows his emblematic career and investigates the motives of his assassins – confronting the audience with an unusual point of view on German contemporary history





Press responses


(The) film documents the life and death of Hanns-Martin Schleyer both clinically and with human empathy (…) Hachmeister interweaves the ugly German Schleyer with the beloved creature made of flesh, blood and soul.

(Frankfurter Rundschau, Aug 20, 2003)