War Criminal Prison No. 1


Documentary film, 52 min.

Production: Colonia Media in cooperation with BR and WDR



Lutz Hachmeister

Assistant Directors

Malika Rabahallah, Christian Wagener

Director of Photography:

Hans Fromm


Beate Schlanstein (WDR), Meggy Steffens (BR)


Guido Krajewski


Ulla Kösterke

Sound Mix:

Bavaria Production Services


First Broadcast: January 18, 2002, WDR


Nominated for the Grimme Award 2003







The Landsberg Prison, where Adolf Hitler had written large parts of his manifesto "Mein Kampf", became the American "War Criminal Prison No.1" in 1947, holding many representatives of the Nazi elite captive. In this documentary, Lutz Hachmeister shows how the inmates used the time of their imprisonment to make arrangements for their future in the newly founded Federal Republic of Germany.


As the first contemporary historian, Lutz Hachmeister has been allowed to investigate the Landsberg prison records at the U.S. National Archive in Washington D.C. – making this film a unique look into a secret parallel world.