The Hannover Complex


Documentary, 90 Min.


Production: EIKON WEST in co-operation with HMR Produktion

co-produced by WDR, NDR, RBB, SWR, Phoenix

supported by Filmstiftung Nordrhein Westfalen



Lutz Hachmeister

Assistant directors: 

Christopher Albrodt, Christian Wagener


Hajo Schomerus, Dirk Wojcik, Axel Jäger, Daniel Täger, Florian Sanitz


Christiane Hinz (WDR), Kuno Haberbusch (NDR), Hans-Michael Kassel (SWR), Gabriele Conrad (RBB), Michael Hirz (Phoenix)


Guido Krajewski


Stavros Charitidis


Ernst Ludwig Ganzert


First broadcast: May 2, 2016, ARD


Feature-length documentary about the history of the underrated capital of Lower Saxony. Not only about often circulated connections between politics, (insurance) industry and the red light area, but also about the history of the "political Hannover", which has become nothing less than a political powerhouse of Germany. This concerns mainly the terms of office of Ernst Albrecht, Gerhard Schröder and Christian Wulff, their election campaigns and competitions.
The events surrounding the resignation of Christian Wulff also play a significant role.